As a church we are devoted to creating a passionate and spiritually healthy community. The Outreach Ministry seeks to find ways to impact our congregation, neighbors, city, and the world; believing that Jesus' example of missional living is a call for all to follow and live.

Join us on the first Saturday of each month as we go into the community to spread our ray of hope.



H.A.L.O. (Healing Addiction through Loving Others) is a Christian Recovery Support Group.  HALO is designed to support, encourage and strengthen those trapped in the cycles of addiction.  Utilizing the Word of God, the power of prayer, and a 12 Step approach to recovery, H.A.L.O. purposes to show others the power of God’s love through fellowship, sharing and edifying. 


Every Thursday at 7pm


The mission of GTBC Music Ministry is to spread the gospel of Jesus through hymns and songs of worship and praise.  To teach songs and music that will provide believers and interested persons with melodic liturgy for spiritual enrichment and development. To incorporate both traditional and contemporary music in hopes to foster an environment for corporate worship for all age groups.


Choirs & Ensembles/Groups

  • Praise & Worship Ensemble

  • Voices of Worship (Now seeking both willing and experienced vocalist)







PEARLS for LIFE is a Bible study group designed specifically for women to learn about God’s purpose for women. PEARLS for LIFE will explain the Word of God in simple, basic language while allowing women to discuss issues and concerns that are and have been obstacles on their journey through life. Women have a very unique role and perspective in the home, in the church, in the community, in the workplace, and in the world. The purpose of PEARLS for LIFE is to help women understand God’s intended role and purpose for women. Further, PEARLS for LIFE is designed to build up and edify women in a way that they can be strong and faithful enough to live a life of purpose, love and abundance as God promises to all who believe in Him. PEARLS for LIFE will open women’s hearts and minds to access the peace and joys of life that God offers everyone who is willing to commit to Him. God created women to be strong, faithful, nurturing creatures that can make a difference in the lives of all they encounter. PEARLS for LIFE will help women to develop that strength, love, and power that is necessary to fulfill the purpose that God has for women, today and always. PEARLS for LIFE seeks to create vessels God can and will use to be rays of hope and beacons of light for living His life and sharing

His word.

Every Wednesday at 6pm